Creative Ways to Get Your Next Order

Hi Team,

A few quick updates before we kick off.

First, on the way home from work last week, I hit an actual COUCH that fell off a truck on the highway. Said couch turned into multiple couches. My car has seen better days, but I am safe and thriving. 

On a somewhat more positive and less insane note, Yotpo just launched a really exciting campaign highlighting the frown customers make when they get a text that has zero to do with them, which most brands do far too often.

It’s time to wipe away that customer frown with a better approach to SMS marketing.

2021 called. They want their texting strategy back. 🫣  

Lastly, I have chatted with a few large brands in the last few weeks about non-traditional and fun ways to get their customers to make their next purchase.

I have some interesting examples folks have been trying, some successful as hell, some TBD. 

Let’s chat about that. Ready?

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Creative Nudges Toward the Next Purchase

If you talk to retention marketers, you’ll learn that most businesses have a common theme. Growth teams bring in the customers, and retention teams leverage email and SMS to pull them back in.

Now, obviously, a large portion of those customers will probably repurchase anyway just because your product is good and they need a refill. Some won’t open your email or texts (maybe you should be sending postcards, too), but that’s a story for a different time.

For today, I’d love to give some examples of creative ways that brands have strayed away from solely relying on the gospel (email and SMS) and have learned a new religion, the creative nudge. 

1. The Freebie Upgrade

I was talking to a kids' clothing company a few weeks ago that has mastered the art of the upgrade. When parents buy onesies, they're probably not thinking about toddler tees just yet. 

But by including a tee in the next size up with their order, the brand does two things: it showcases the breadth of its product line and plants the seed for future purchases. 

It’s like saying, “Hey, we’ve got you covered for the next stage, too.” 

The beauty? It's a gesture that costs little but means a lot, showing foresight and care that resonates with parents.

2. Flavor Teasers that Stick

During my OLIPOP days, we massively decreased churn on the subscription program by getting creative.

I remember sitting in a meeting with our then-creative director and our designer in 2020, and we were chatting about unique ways to make our subscribers feel special.

Our customers were obsessed with any kind of OLIPOP merchandise and bonus points if it was a collectible and exclusive. 

We had an idea around adding can-shaped stickers in each order, but the stickers would tell a story. It would also be a sneak peek of the next flavor we were about to release. 

This sneak peek kept the subscription interesting and cleverly introduced customers to their next favorite before they even knew they wanted it. 

The result? A decrease in churn and a subscription model that feels dynamic and personal.

3. Sampling the Future

When our kiddo was a baby, we ordered baby food from Little Spoon. During the subscription signup, they asked for our kid's date of birth.

When we opened our monthly subscription box right around the time we considered transitioning from baby food to solids, we saw a “big kid” food sample in the box. 

This was a masterclass in anticipating customer needs. By leveraging the date of birth info, they time these samples perfectly.

It’s a strategic move to become the go-to brand for all stages of a child’s early dietary journey.

4. The Netflix Nudge: "Because You Watched"

Ever find yourself deep in the Netflix rabbit hole, wondering how a simple "Because You Watched" recommendation turned your quick break into a 4-hour binge session that ended with you watching Seinfeld AGAIN? 

That's the power of spot-on recommendations. 

Imagine applying that same personalized magic in your marketing emails.

You could craft "Because You Bought" emails using their recent purchases, browsing history, or even looking at similar customers and what they bought next. 

For a pet supplies shop, it could look like, "Because you bought organic dog food, here's a selection of eco-friendly toys your furry friend will love." .

6. The Surprise Scent:

I love the idea of surprise and delight gifting with a high perceived value, which can also drive a strong cross-sell opportunity.

Say you are selling fragrances online, and someone buys a full-size bottle. You can easily add a sample of a different scent to their package. 

They get a free gift, and you get a potential next purchase. Since you already are shipping this order, your only cost is the sampler bottle. 

These strategies encourage repeat purchases AND deepen the customer's connection to your brand, making each interaction feel unique and tailored. 

It’s less about SLINGING and more about guiding them through their journey with your brand, one personalized step at a time.

That’s it for this week!

Any topics you'd like to see me cover in the future?

Just shoot me a DM or an email!


Eli 💛